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Human Resources


SSU’s stellar growth would have been impossible without exceptional people; not just dreamers, but doers, optimistic about the future of the industry and passionate about having a real impact in sports retail and tech.

The people function defines SSU’s structures and processes while always keeping an entrepreneurial mindset. The team supports the business to recruit and develop the best talent and doesn't compromise. We relentlessly enable the growth of our organisation while driving our fundamental values and taking pride in our culture of belonging - united in our mission.

Meet us

Dorit, our Group Chief People Officer

What is your role at SIGNA Sports United?

I lead the people functions as well as the group communications. I am also part of the wider management team of the group.

When did you join? 

In June 2021.

What attracted you to SIGNA Sports United? 

I have worked for many larger and smaller international companies in very different Human Resources roles for more than 20 years. The role at SSU gives me the opportunity to apply all my experiences in various fields, play my entrepreneurial mindset and build a people function I always envisioned.

Why is this a great place to work for colleagues with a Human Resources background?

If you bring some expertise in our field and if you are happy to roll-up your sleeves and work with highly motivated colleagues, innovating and creating something new, you‘ll find the right place. In addition it motivates me every day to work for a company which supports it‘s customers to live a more healthy and active life-style.

Where do you see SIGNA Sports United in 3 years from now?

My vision is to be known as a sought-after employer for colleagues who bring a passion for sports, tech and commerce. We will have built on our strength of being well-minded well intended people who genuinley care about each other. We will have been able to build a routine of welcoming new members either through hiring or acquistions to our group and empower them to become even better and grow bigger.

SIGNA Sports United is all about sports. What are your favorite sports?

I have to admit that I am not an ultra-sportive person. I guess I represent more the main-stream segment, running on a regular basis. But I am extremely passionate about watersports and you can find me out there sailing as often as I can.


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