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Sales and Marketing


Signa Sports United considers itself a supplier of specialised sports and active lifestyle products. But does everyone know that?

It is our job in the marketing department to ensure customers first know who we are and then make sure they turn to us when they want what we offer.
We get to know our customers through market research and analysis to understand their wants and needs. Simultaneously we create campaigns for our products, brands and businesses to drive recognition of SSU in product development and advertising.

Sales & Marketing

Welcome to the dynamic and innovative world of the Sales & Marketing at SIGNA Sports United! Our department is at the forefront of shaping the intersection between sports, marketing, and retail media, driving unprecedented growth and engagement across the industry.

At SIGNA Sports United, we understand that the success of any business hinges upon its ability to connect with customers, engage with communities, and create memorable experiences. Our Sales & Marketing Department embodies this ethos, dedicated to redefining how sports brands captivate audiences, build meaningful connections, and achieve remarkable market presence.

Just as athletes strive for excellence on the field, our team is committed to pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations in the realm of sports marketing and retail media. We combine a deep passion for sports with innovative marketing strategies and cutting-edge media techniques to craft compelling narratives that resonate with fans, customers, and partners alike.

Meet us
Ozal Ergen, managing director of Sports Media Services at Signa Sports United
Ozal Ergen, managing director of Sports Media Services at Signa Sports United

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