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SIGNA Sports United (“SSU”) is a NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) listed specialist online sports retail company based in Berlin, Germany. We own companies and brands in various sports including bikes, tennis, outdoor and team sports. We sell equipment and apparel via our 100 own online stores, collaborate with 500+ independent brick and mortar shops, and partner with over 1000 sports brands. Together we serve 7+ million customers around the world.

Job Objective

As a Data Engineer, you are responsible for leveraging and preparing data for analytical and functional purposes, e.g. standard business reports, real-time IoT or business process automation.. Your work will support our data scientists, business and data analysts as well as product developers by providing efficient data pipelines and outstanding data quality.. Since you enjoy data wrangling, building pipelines and being creative, this role gives you the opportunity to realise your potential for designing and configuring modern pipelines and dataflows. You enjoy self-managed and self-directed work as well as presenting your results to various levels within the organisation. You will be part of the team responsible for defining, leveraging and maintaining a future-proof data infrastructure for the entire organisation, using state-of-the-art technologies as well as developing tailored solutions. You will also play a part in cross-functional project teams that define, describe and realise business use cases.

The part you’ll play

  • Create data assets that are properly authorised and leveraged group-wide.
  • Develop and maintain high-end data pipelines end-to-end.
  • Develop and provide proper interfaces and APIs.
  • Monitor and improve data quality pro-actively in-line with the applications of business use cases.
  • Identify automation potentials within the provisioning process. Design and re-design data architecture to create a scalable and flexible tech-stack which satisfies customers’ needs.
  • Challenge the status-quo and provide new solutions and insights into business process flows.
  • Ensure system and data security across all our data sources with an AWS-centric approach.
  • Work in expert and cross-functional teams.
  • Build analytical tools to test and maintain the quality of data pipelines in order to achieve great usability, customer acquisition and operational efficiency.
  • Contribute to the setup of a group-wide high-performance lightweight data infrastructure.

What you’ll bring to the team

  • Profound knowledge of a variety of databases with advanced skills in SQL and related
  • methodologies in relational and non-relational databases
  • Demonstrated experience in DevOps as well as DataOps methodologies. In particular,
  • deployed and run an Exasol data warehouse
  • Stream processing in order to provide real-time analytics for i.e. reporting, audit and IoT analytics
  • BSc/MSc in computer sciences, mathematics, natural sciences or similar
  • 5+ years of experience working in provisioning data pipelines and leveraging a variety of data transformations for various applications
  • Hands-on mentality and the ability to translate requirements into action
  • Outstanding analytics skills: identify root causes at their true core as well as a strong
  • comprehension towards business fields in order to meet the customer needs
  • Profound knowledge in data integration solutions as well as methodologies
  • Nice to have skills:
    • Experienced in AWS services like EC2, S3, EMR, RDS, Redshift Lamba, etc. and/or Google Cloud Services
    • Experienced in analogous services and products to AWS.
    • Experienced in workflow tools as well as the deployment of the pipelines.
    • Strong skills in project management and communication as well as the ability to understand organizational relations
  • Passion for Sports and Tech is very welcome :)

What you need to know

We celebrate diversity and are committed to building teams that represent a variety of backgrounds, perspectives and skills. All employment is decided on qualifications, merit and business need. We at Signa Sports United believe that our team-spirit burns brightest when we're together. We also believe in flexible working models. As such, we provide a place for you to come, work and collaborate in any of our offices in the country you are employed in. And of course, you can work from home if needed.

Meet us

Meet Daniel, our Head of Data & BI

What is your role at SIGNA Sports United?

I am in the role as Head of Data & BI. As a team, we are responsible to create and maintain the companies data and analytics supply. We drive innovation and try to continuously outperform the business processes. Our motivation is innovation and transforming creativity into business value.

When did you join? 

This year, June 2021

Why did you choose SIGNA Sports United?

SIGNA Sports United provides outstanding data analytics & automation opportunities working with state-of-the-art technologies. We are very fact-based as well as open to re-design when necessary and the SSU is just a fantastic team where everyone is challenging and supporting each other.

Why is this a great place to work for colleagues with a background in sciences or analytical disciplines?

Firstly, due to a growth by M&A the heterogeneity enables you to a wide spectrum of services and products. Secondly, the SSU itself is providing a green field which you can shape and where you can realize your ideas. You can develop a superfluid data analytics organization, this opportunity is very special and unique! As e-commerce is a fast mover and the focus is on creating the #1 Sports Tech Platform, the full stack of state-of-the-art technologies is necessary. Here, the future is built on data and knowledge where data scientists and engineers find their home base.

Would you like to tell us about a particular highlight during your time at SIGNA Sports United? 

The journey is a highlight itself. I haven’t often experienced these fast and strong decision lines before. We started from scratch and after only a couple of weeks, we are ready to start realizing our unified reporting and automation platform – and – our team sports events are fantastic.

SIGNA Sports United is all about sports. What is your favorite sports?

I did a lot of track-and-field sports and still am passionate about my intervals on the stadium track.

Our benefits

Exciting combination of tech and sports e-commerce

Fast paced company with exciting challenges

Flat hierarchies and fast decision making

Highly self-organised and autonomous way of working

Open and transparent international company culture

Very dynamic environment with sport-enthusiastic colleagues

Meet our recruiting team

Sukanya Pal
Sukanya Pal

"It has been an absolute pleasure to build our centralized tech recruiting team from scratch! As the Group Tech Recruiting Lead, I was given full autonomy to design the
function & create a roadmap for the near future. The right tech talent will make massive impact on Signa Sports United's time ahead and I am elated to be able to contribute to it."

Sukanya on LinkedIn

Danitza Oduber Correa
Danitza Oduber Correa

"My daily goal is to acquire the brightest and best people for Signa Sports United. Talent is the key to growth and hiring is the most important thing we do. You can dream and envision the greatest place in the world – but only the right set of people can make that a reality."

Danitza on LinkedIn

Sharon Liteshia Rajarathina
Sharon Liteshia Rajarathina

"I believe employees are the greatest asset a company has and strive to bring the best talent to Signa Sports United. I am passionate about what I do because I am convinced nothing is more important to the business than hiring and developing the right people."

Sharon on LinkedIn

Katherina Felicia
Katherina Felicia

"I am passionate about exploring new methods to find, attract and engage the right people with the exciting opportunities available at Signa Sports United. I enjoy working with candidates to understand their motivation and find matches who can work effectively with the business for the long-term."

Katherina on LinkedIn


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